How to Book with me


Today’s post will be about how to make a booking with me.

I will write about five separate topics:

1. Initial Greetings,

2. Correspondence with Ms. Cindy,

3. Time & Timing,

4. Location, and lastly

5. Comfort

1. Initial greetings.

In the first email, Cindy and I would like to understand who you are and your needs. I know everyone has different levels of comfort, so only share what you are comfortable. Both Cindy and I will need enough information to prescreen you and to make sure we all are on the same page service wise.

Some of our favorite kind of emails outline viable screening information, where an event should happen (either I am going out, or you are coming in), ideals for timing and other smaller details like the dress code, dining options, hotel amenities for longer engagements,  and other preferences.

Now for services, please be respectful towards Ms. Cindy —  details of our shared experiences should be kept between just us (you and me). After successful screening, I will happily answer specific questions explicitly via text message, so Cindy help us settle our logistics and we can further perfect our exciting event.

With arrangements, at first it is a good idea to spend between 1 to 4 hours testing our chemistry. You can go ahead and make more frequent longer bookings if you feel like we are a good match. These sort of proposals are not uncommon. Time will tell if an arrangement will last.

2. Correspondence with Ms. Cindy

Ms. Cindy is an experienced industry member and has a wealth of knowledge to share on both sides, for both provider and client. She is a professional in the truest sense — she is well rounded and well educated, amicable, understanding and regarding our emails, extremely valuable in keeping us both up-to-date on travels and upcoming events.

At all times throughout the week, my email is to be used to make bookings only. If I am free, I may be able to set up events via email until Cindy logs back on Monday afternoon. Most of the time she is unable to answer after 8 PM, MST. If you would like to speak with her during her out-of-office hours within the week, she will except additional gifts listed on my website as a small token of our appreciation. $100 gift for outside hours, her favorite gift cards: please notify Cindy before sending either gifts.

I try very hard to keep her happy. She is the best industry related assistant anyone could hope for. So please if you have any questions or would like to get an update about an event, please don’t hesitate to send her a message. I won’t always be available to chat unfortunately.

3. Time & Timing

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, making schedules blend together was an impossible task! Thank goodness I’ve developed ability to add some flexibility in my travels. I am happy to accommodate your schedule if you are a consistent regular. Being a consistent regular means:

- prebooking, having zero or near zero cancellations

-  Having events monthly, or having an arrangement that is taken cared of beforehand.

There may be an off chance I can make a day trip along the east coast— same goes for the west. If there is an extended event lasting 3 to 4 hours at minimum, a short trip could be justified. If we are too far apart, there is always an option to book FMTY style for a minimum of 4 hours for a regular event, or 2 hours for a Very Important Party event. :)

Making a pre-booking helps me determine how long to stay and when the best times are to visit. I like staying one step ahead by planning, taking advantage of cheaper hotel rates and flight ticket prices. If I have to make last-minute changes, hotel rooms may not be available. Making a visit may not be feasible due to high hotel prices.  

 Example: I love visiting Vegas, booking months ahead. If the timing isn’t right, either I will see if I can accommodate a regular with scheduling flexibility, or I will visit a different location. I might get a last-minute request, however, it might be too late with hotel and flight prices increasing three or four times than originally posted — more than what can be covered by multiple dates/a lengthy multi-hour event.

4. Location

I am a city person, so naturally I will stay where both you or I can walk, rideshare, rely on commuter trains, access grocery and convenience stores nearby, and have fun activities to do within a reasonable distance.

If there is enough demand, I may be able to stay farther outside of the city and into smaller towns/suburbs that are relatively easy to navigate.

If you are feeling adventurous, let’s plan extended travel time and plan around our pre-booked event. All times are secured with a deposit. I try my best being a good hostess and derive great pleasure from treating my favorite regulars well.

5. Comfort

All relationships thrive on good communication. I don’t believe my mind is powerful enough for telepathy, though there is a such thing as alignment and there is a better chance we can see if our needs and desires are already aligned.

I am not avoidant— I am not afraid of getting to the heart of an issue directly. I value feedback.

Life is too short to feel uncomfortable or unfulfilled.



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